What Is The Current Record For Scuba Diving Depth in the World?




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Are you curious about the limits of human endurance undersea? Well, scuba diving depth records are a thrilling testament to what is possible underwater. In this post, we are going to dive deep into the current world record for scuba diving depth set by Egyptian diver Ahmed Gabr at an awe-inspiring 1,090 feet.

Hold your breath as we explore this breathtaking journey beneath the waves!

Key Takeaways

  • Ahmed Gabr holds the current world record for scuba diving depth at 1,090 feet.
  • He achieved this record-breaking dive in the Red Sea in 2014.
  • The previous record was held by Pascal Bernabé at a depth of 1,078 feet in 2005.
  • Ahmed Gabr’s dive showcased the limits of human exploration underwater.

Current World Record for Scuba Diving Depth

Ahmed Gabr holds the current world record for scuba diving depth, reaching an incredible 1,090 feet in the Red Sea in 2014.

Ahmed Gabr’s record-breaking dive of 1,090 feet

Ahmed Gabr made a big mark in the world of scuba diving. This happened back in 2014. He is from Egypt and loves to dive deep into the sea. One day, he decided to take his love for diving to a whole new level.

He got ready with his gear and went into the Red Sea at Dahab. His aim was big – to dive deeper than anyone had before him! He did it too! He dived down an amazing 1,090 feet! This broke all old records of scuba diving depth on open circuit scuba, making Ahmed Gabr’s dive the deepest one so far.

Depth achieved in 2014

Ahmed Gabr explores the vibrant depths of the Red Sea in a variety of underwater scenes.

In 2014, an Egyptian scuba diver named Ahmed Gabr made history by breaking the world record for the deepest scuba diving depth. He descended to an astonishing depth of 1,090 feet (332.35 meters) in the Red Sea off the coast of Dahab.

This incredible feat earned him a place in the record books and showcased his exceptional skills as a deep-sea diver. The previous record for the deepest dive was held by Pascal Bernabé, who reached a depth of 1,078 feet (330 meters) in Corsica in 2005.

Ahmed Gabr’s achievement in 2014 pushed the limits of what was thought possible in scuba diving and demonstrated just how far humans can explore beneath the surface of our oceans.


A vibrant coral reef teeming with colorful fish in a bustling underwater atmosphere.

The current world record for the deepest scuba diving depth is held by Ahmed Gabr, who reached a depth of 1,090 feet in the Red Sea. This incredible feat was achieved in 2014 and remains unmatched to this day.

Scuba diving continues to push boundaries and explore new depths, showcasing both human determination and the wonders of the underwater world.


1. Who holds the current world record for scuba diving depth?

Karen Van Den Oever is the female diver who broke the world record for scuba diving depth.

2. Where did Karen Van Den Oever set this deep-sea diving record?

She achieved this deep-sea diving at Boesmansgat Cave, pushing the limits of scuba diving depth to unprecedented levels.

3. What does ‘technical divers’ mean in terms of extreme depths of scuba diving?

Technical divers are trained divers who perform deep dives to break records like achieving maximum depths in scuba diving or exploring underwater caves.

4. Have groups like COMEX and French Navy ever held a world’s deepest dive record?

Yes, both COMEX and French Navy have contributed significantly by setting several recordsetting scuba dives and playing vital roles in developing deep-sea dive technology as well.

5. How dangerous can breaking a scuba-diving depth record be?

Breaking the Scuba Diving Depth Record involves going beyond normal safety limits; hence it can potentially lead to serious risks if not planned and executed carefully.

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