Do You Burn Calories Scuba Diving? The Ultimate Guide to Caloric Expenditure Underwater




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If you are a scuba diving enthusiast and also on the lookout for ways to stay fit, here’s some good news. Did you know that an average person weighing 150 pounds can burn around 475 calories per hour while diving? This blog will delve into the specifics of how scuba diving contributes significantly to calorie expenditure – transforming your underwater adventure into a comprehensive fitness regime.

Dive in, let’s explore this fascinating synergy between fun and fitness!

Key Takeaways

  • Scuba diving can burn a significant amount of calories, with an average person weighing 150 pounds burning around 475 calories per hour.
  • Factors like body size, water temperature, and dive intensity affect the number of calories burned while scuba diving.
  • Engaging in physically demanding dives and incorporating underwater exercises can maximize caloric expenditure during scuba diving.

Caloric Expenditure during Scuba Diving

Factors such as body weight, water temperature, and diving intensity affect the number of calories burned while scuba diving.

Factors affecting calorie burn

A scuba diver explores a coral reef in clear blue water, capturing the vibrant underwater scenery with high-quality photography equipment.

Scuba diving can use a lot of energy. This can depend on many things.

  1. Your body size: Bigger people burn more calories.
  2. Your muscle mass: More muscles can burn more energy.
  3. The water temperature: Cold water makes your body work harder to stay warm.
  4. Your dive gear: Heavy gear uses more energy to move around.
  5. The type of dive: Fast, deep or long dives use more calories than slow, shallow or short ones.
  6. How hard you swim: If you kick a lot, you will burn more calories.
  7. Your skill level: Skilled divers do not waste as much energy as beginner divers.
  8. Currents and waves: Fighting against these can make your body work harder.

The range of calories burned per hour

A scuba diver explores a vibrant coral reef in a bustling underwater atmosphere.

Scuba diving offers a wide range of caloric expenditure, depending on various factors such as your weight and the intensity of the dive. Let’s explore the different caloric ranges you can expect to burn per hour when scuba diving.

Type of DiveWeightCalories Burned Per Hour
Leisurely Boat Dive150 poundsApproximately 300 calories
Normal Scuba Dive150 poundsApproximately 475 calories
Physically Demanding Dive150 poundsBetween 400 to 700 calories

Always keep in mind that these are average figures and individual caloric expenditure can vary. Scuba diving can be a great way to burn calories and contribute to weight loss. In fact, the caloric burn from scuba diving is comparable to that of activities like hiking or brisk walking. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to burn calories, consider diving into the world of scuba.

Tips for Maximizing Caloric Expenditure

A scuba diver exploring a colorful coral reef with a variety of marine life.

To maximize caloric expenditure while scuba diving, it is important to maintain a proper diving technique, engage in more physically demanding dives, and incorporate underwater exercises into your dive routine.

Maintaining a proper diving technique

A vibrant coral reef teeming with diverse marine life, captured in a stunning underwater photograph.

To maximize caloric expenditure during scuba diving, it’s important to maintain a proper diving technique. This means focusing on breathing slowly and deeply, and using efficient movements in the water.

By avoiding unnecessary exertion and staying relaxed underwater, you can conserve energy and burn more calories. It’s also helpful to maintain neutral buoyancy, as this reduces drag and makes movements easier.

Following these techniques will not only help you burn calories but also improve your overall diving experience.

Engaging in more physically demanding dives

Scuba diver explores shipwreck surrounded by colorful marine life in crystal clear underwater photography.

Choosing to engage in more physically demanding dives can significantly increase your calorie burn while scuba diving. These dives require more effort and exertion, causing your body to work harder and burn more calories.

Examples of physically demanding dives include drift diving, wreck diving, and deep diving. When you push yourself during these types of dives, you not only enjoy the thrill of exploring new underwater environments but also increase your caloric expenditure.

So if you’re looking to maximize your calorie burn while scuba diving, challenge yourself with more physically demanding dives.

Incorporating underwater exercises

A scuba diver explores vibrant coral reefs in crystal clear waters, capturing underwater photos with a DSLR camera.

Underwater exercises can be a great way to maximize your calorie expenditure while scuba diving. These exercises can help you burn even more calories and increase your fitness level.

One popular exercise is underwater swimming, which involves using different strokes to move through the water. This helps work out various muscle groups and increases your heart rate, leading to more calorie burn.

Another effective exercise is underwater jogging or running in place, which provides cardiovascular benefits and helps tone your leg muscles. You can also incorporate underwater lunges or squats to engage your lower body muscles further.


A scuba diver explores vibrant coral reefs with a variety of marine life in a bustling underwater atmosphere.

In conclusion, scuba diving is not only a fascinating underwater activity but also a great way to burn calories. With the right technique and physically demanding dives, you can maximize your caloric expenditure.

So next time you’re planning a dive, remember that it’s not just an adventure; it’s also a workout that can contribute to weight loss. Dive in and enjoy the benefits of underwater exercise!


1. Do you burn calories while scuba diving?

Yes, when you’re scuba diving, your body burns calories due to the energy expenditure underwater.

2. How many calories do you burn during a scuba dive?

The calorie burn rate in scuba diving varies based on different factors but it’s generally seen as a good calorie-burning activity.

3. Is there any difference in caloric burn during tropical scuba diving and normal dives?

Yes, conditions like warm water may affect the caloric expenditure in scuba diving.

4. Can I use scuba diving as a form of exercise for weight loss?

Definitely! The fitness benefits of scuba diving make it an excellent workout and help with weight loss from the high amount of calories burned during a dive.

5. Are you burning more or less calories when comparing jogging to Scuba Diving?

It depends on several things including how long and hard are each workout is but both activities can lead to high levels of caloric burn.

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