About Me

Hi, my name is Tony and I created ScubaDiveCentral to share fascinating insights into the captivating world of scuba diving from a place of passion and integrity.

While I am currently not a certified scuba diver myself, I have long felt drawn to the beauty and wonders beneath the ocean’s surface. My hope in building this site is to virtually dive into scuba and connect with the welcoming global community of divers.

Scuba diving comes with real risks and responsibilities. Though not an expert, I am committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and ethics. Any medical, legal, technical or safety advice shared here will come directly from links to accredited organizations and qualified professionals.

Tony Bartlett
Tony Bartlett

My mission is for ScubaDiveCentral to become a trustworthy resource for certified divers to share their knowledge and experiences. I want our community to feel at home knowing the site has their health, safety and education as top priorities.

As someone humbly learning alongside readers, I welcome feedback, discussion, and advice to improve the integrity and value this site brings to the scuba community. My goal is to foster an inclusive space for divers while promoting responsible, ethical practices.

So join me in the exciting journey into the hidden depths of the scuba world! I hope we might all emerge a little wiser while cultivating understanding across this passionate group of underwater explorers. There are endless adventures waiting below the surface.

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